Valentine's Dinner at The Lyman Homestead

February 11, 2023

Swoon your Significant Other or "Galentine" at the Sweetheart Soirée Valentine's Dinner at the legendary Lyman Homestead on Saturday, February 11th at 6:30pm.

Reserve your "table for two" at this exclusive evening of romance and fine dining in the elegant setting of the legendary Lyman Homestead!

Push your palate to the outer limits with an exquisite 4-course menu masterfully prepared by Lyman's on-premise culinary creator, Ben Gaffney. Each course is attentively paired with a selection of Mead from Bergen House of Middletown, CT.

6:30pm - Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour includes two glasses of beer or wine and light appetizers. 

7pm - Dinner

Sweetheart Soirée Valentine Dinner Menu

One 4-ounce pour of Mead will be paired with each course. What is Mead you ask?  Find out more here!

First Course

Cider Poached Wild Blue Mussels - served with baby watercress in roasted tomato and red shallot consommé

Mead Pairing-“Hoppy Meadium” DRY to OFF-DRY honey wine with citra, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. The aroma of an IPA finishes with the clean floral notes of wildflower honey. Will play well with the acidity and umami of the tomatoes meanwhile, the hops stand up to the sea-brine-saltiness of the mussels.  7% ABV

Second Course

Lavender Seared Duck Breast - with goat cheese, golden beets, and creamy vinaigrette served over baby greens

Mead Pairing:-“Gin-ish” SEMI-SWEET honey wine with juniper berries and Aromatics* Slight acidity balanced with an almost sweet wine will compliment the fatty/floral notes in this dish. 5.9% ABV


Honeyberry and Lemon Verbena Sorbet

Third Course

Smoked Beef Short Rib - with bone marrow and bacon mousse, roasted parmesan Brussel sprouts, and double cream mashed potatoes

Mead Pairing:-“Septemberfest” DRY to OFF-DRY two blended meads to present a robust yet subtle flavor with a light acidity to compliment the fat/richness in this dish. One mead was made with caramelized honey and the other was cooked like a beer with noble hops. Blending these two presents a complex and crushable mead. 5.8% ABV

Fourth Course

Baclava Mille-Feuille - with white chocolate and raspberry mascarpone

Mead Pairing:-Port Of Call OFF-DRY Carmelized honey before fermentation. Aged for 15 months in a High Rye Bourbon Barrel with a #4 char. Drinks like a port but is drier; this mead is something to sip on and enjoy slowly. The dryness and slight acidity will cut the mascarpone and the caramelization will complement through slight contrast the white chocolate. Meanwhile, the bourbon barrel presents a long finish that leaves one satisfied and contemplative. Honey on the nose and finish elevating the baklava. 15.1% ABV

$175 per couple. Reservations required.



Event Location: The Lyman Homestead

Time of Event: 6:30pm-8:30pm

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