Apple Picking at a Pick Your own Apple Farm CT

How to Live “Appley” Ever After

Pick your own apples CT (PYO apples CT) is a delicious and charming fall tradition.  Lyman Orchards is very excited about our apple crop this year, and we invite you to spend the day with us to share in the bounty and make some enchanting apple-picking memories.  We know that even the pickiest pickers cannot take all day to fill a bag with apples, so Lyman Orchards has many on-site activities for you to stretch out the fun into an entire day – so many that you should probably come back several times! 

Without further delay, here are a few a-peel-ing steps to ensure a perfectly awesome-to-the-core day at the orchard:  

1) MAKE A PLAN:  Call the Pick Your Own Hotline at 860-349-6015 for the most up-to-date fruit availability, conditions, and pricing.  You know that certain apples are better for baking versus snacking, so with an understanding of the characteristics of the varieties that are available, you will make better picking decisions in the fields and have the right apples you want for home.  Read here for more info about the apple varieties at Lyman Orchards. 

2) CONNECT WITH NATURE: Apple picking is an extended nature break.  Take a moment to breathe in deeply and experience the great outdoors:  Feel the air on your face, smell the surroundings, hear the rustling leaves and the crunch of the grass below your feet, and touch the smooth apples.  Capture the experience with photos to relive for years to come.

3) GET PICKING:  Pick the apples that you have earmarked for snacking and/or baking, but also allow yourself to be lured in by other pretty apples that catch your eye – it’s a great way to find your future favorite variety.  If you don’t trust your apple identifying skills, then take a picture of the sign at the end of the row.  Another idea is to bring along some various colored tape or stickers to wrap each apple stem before placing it in your bag and keep a list of which colors correspond to which apple variety.   

4) PICK SOMETHING EXTRA:  Apples are the star of the day, but there’s an enormous variety of PYO fruits and vegetables at Lyman Orchards.  Think what you could do with a squash flower or Asian pear or gourd!  

5) ENJOY SOME AGRITAINMENT:   Apple cannons, Corn Maze, Lyman Golf, and more!

- APPLE CANNONS, you ask?  Yes!  Both young and old apple pickers are LOVING our two high-powered apple air cannons.  Angle the barrel and let your biodegradable apple ammo propel at 100mph across a field filled with aliens, Big Foot, and bullseye targets.  The cannons are very easy to operate but quite challenging to hit the targets.  Try it and you’ll be hooked!

- Stay put at Lyman Orchards to take part in another fall family favorite, the CORN MAZE.  This year’s theme is “Rock n Roll” and it is aMAZEing.  Fun musical facts are provided throughout your journey, trivia questions help you make informed decisions about which way to turn, and a portion of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and Connecticut Cancer Foundation.               

- LYMAN GOLF invites you to experience the beauty of autumn golfing.  No other apple orchard in Connecticut offers you 36 holes of championship golf (some holes pass right by the apple orchard!), 2 driving ranges, 2 pro shops, practice areas, a par-29 course, unbeatable instruction, and even apple tee markers. 

- But wait, there’s more!  Lyman Orchards is pleased to host a wide variety of extra fun events to entertain everyone.  Check out the EVENTS tab so you don’t miss a thing!   

6) EAT:  No apple picking trip would be complete without some soul-satisfying apple cider donuts, available at the Apple Barrel Farm Market.  We also recommend the 1741 Pub and Grill at the Lyman Clubhouse and the Deli at the Apple Barrel Farm Market for feeding your apple-picking crew.    

7) SHOP:  In case you haven’t heard, the Apple Barrel Farm Market carries the tastiest apple pies around!  You can also load up on local and gourmet specialty treats and grocery essentials before you hit the road.    

8) ENJOY YOUR HAUL:  Apples are so incredibly versatile.  You can eat them raw, add to both sweet and savory dishes, bake them, make apple sauce, turn them into cider, juice, or even chips.  Check here for some of our favorite apple recipes

Fall is a wonderful time of year, and we can’t wait to be part of your apple picking trip.  Make it a day to remember at Lyman Orchards and you, your family, and your friends will all live appley ever after.      


Pick Your Own Apples CT

Lyman Orchards, a pick your own CT farm, is expecting a bumper crop of apples this year and we couldn’t be more excited!  We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the bounty, especially mid-week when picking “traffic” is a bit lighter.  

When it comes to apples, one size (and one variety) does not fit all.  Each variety offers its own general characteristics, and apple tasting rivals wine tasting with respect to the complex combination of conditions that can vary their taste profiles.  Luckily Lyman Orchards offers an immense selection of PYO apples to satisfy every taste bud.  They’re like Pokemon – gotta pick ‘em all! 

Following is a list of what’s growing at Lyman Orchards (as of September).  Your best bet is to call the Pick Your Own Hotline at 860-349-6015 for the most up-to-date fruit availability, conditions, and pricing.

*Dates subject to change

GALA (~9/1 thru 9/25*): When Golden Delicious met Kidd’s Orange Red in 1930s New Zealand, the Gala apple was born. Gala has quickly become one of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world.

JONAMAC (~9/1 thru 10/11*): The offspring of Jonathon and McIntosh apples, this sweet/tart apple has been said to have cinnamon and nutmeg undertones – can you taste them?

MCINTOSH (~9/1 thru 10/11*): Also known as “Mac” and the national apple of Canada, McIntosh’s biggest claim to fame is being the muse of Apple Inc.’s Macintosh line of personal computers (intentionally misspelled to avoid conflict with an audio equipment company). Come taste the classic!

CORTLAND (~9/10 thru 10/11*): Due to the commercial success of McIntosh, some clever plant breeders in New York introduced McIntosh to the Ben Davis variety and created the Cortland, named after Cortland County, NY. Its white flesh is resistant to browning, making it a great choice for salads.

HONEYCRISP (~9/10 thru 10/11*, or while supplies last): We can thank the University of Minnesota for inventing this treat. So accurately named, Honeycrisp is honey-sweet and crisp and growing in popularity every year. Make sure you try one to see what all the fuss is about!

MACOUN (~9/15 thru 10/20*): Pronounced “ma-cown” after the variety’s namesake, Canadian horticulturalist W.T. Macoun. Interestingly, the patent application for Honeycrisp incorrectly declared Macoun to be the parent, but genetic testing proved Macoun was not the father. Oops!

LIBERTY (~9/15 thru 10/20*): Macoun is the father of this apple hybrid, which was cultivated for disease resistance and makes a fine pink applesauce.

FUJI (~9/20 thru 11/10*):  Looking for a super sweet, juicy, crispy apple?  Fuji has you covered.  Cultivated in Japan (named after Fujisaka) from American parents (Red Delicious and Ralls Janet), Fuji is easily in the top five of America’s most favorite apples.  

JONAGOLD (~9/25 thru 11/1*):  If you guessed this variety came from Jonathon and Golden Delicious, then you are correct!  Taste why this has become the most widely grown apple in Belgium. 

EMPIRE (~9/25 thru 11/1*):  With Red Delicious and McIntosh as parents, how can you go wrong?  This variety also boasts a bruise-resistant feature making it a perfect addition to school lunches. 

RED DELICIOUS (~9/25 thru 11/1*):  This pretty apple is often featured in holiday centerpieces. Try a freshly picked Red Delicious from Lyman Orchards and see what this super sweet variety has to offer on the inside. 

GOLDEN DELICIOUS (~9/25 thru 11/10*):  Related to the Red Delicious only by name, the Golden Delicious variety is sweet with a greenish-yellow-gold skin.  This is such a fantastic versatile apple, it was even featured on a U.S. postage stamp. 

IDA RED (~10/5 thru 11/10*):  Developed in Idaho, this variety claims Jonathon and Wagener as parents.  If you’ve ever fancied a baked apple, Ida Red is a great selection which should hold its shape during baking.

CRISPIN (~10/5 thru 11/10*):  Originally known as Mutsu, this Japanese creation is sweeter than its parent Golden Delicious and is aptly named with a juicy, refreshing crispy crunch.  Yum! 

CAMEO (~10/16 thru 11/10*):  From the great apple state of Washington comes this newer apple.  You may detect a hint of pear when biting through its relatively thin skin. 

ROME (~10/16 thru 11/10*):  The Rome Beauty variety originally from Ohio is a mildly tart cooking apple and up to the task of all your baking needs. 

BRAEBURN (~10/16 thru 11/10*):  First discovered in New Zealand, Braeburn apples are great for tarts as they tend to hold their shape and do not release a lot of liquid while cooking. 

GRANNY SMITH (~10/16 thru 11/10*):  One of America’s most popular apples has its roots in Australia when Maria Ann Smith (nicknamed “Granny” Smith) propagated the cultivar in 1868.  Tart, crispy, and great for baking!

PINK LADY (~10/23 thru 11/10*): Alternatively known as “Cripps Pink” this variety also hails from Australia after Golden Delicious and Lady Williams were combined in 1973.

EVERCRISP (~10/23 thru 11/10*): With superstar parents like Fuji and Honeycrisp, you know this has to be a winner. Evercrisp was developed in Ohio in 2008 and will surely capture your heart. Make sure to stop by again later in the season to sample this sweet/tart crispy juicy variety.

While apple picking season is generally considered to be in the fall, each variety essentially has its own little “mini-season.”  So keep checking the Pick Your Own hotline 860-349-6015 for updated “what’s picking” news and don’t miss out on trying each variety – you may just discover some new favorites!   

*Dates subject to change

Lyman Orchards' Annual Sunflower Maze Celebrates 25 years of Arthur

Nevaeh from the Connecticut Children’s Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders; beneficiaries of the Sunflower Maze at Lyman Orchards

Lyman Orchards to open Sunflower Maze on July 31

Middlefield, CT—Lyman Orchards, an independently-owned family destination for over 275 years, has announced that July 31 is the opening day for its 2021 Sunflower Maze. A three-acre area adorned with 350,000 blooming sunflowers, the maze is the only one of its kind in Connecticut. This year’s theme will center on Arthur Read, star of the popular CPTV kids’ series “Arthur.” A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 9:00 am, with Arthur himself in attendance.

One dollar of each admission fee will be donated to support Connecticut Children’s Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders. Connecticut Children’s is dedicated to helping children like Nevaeh—an eight-year-old born with a rare genetic disorder who is doing great today, thanks to the comprehensive care she receives at Connecticut Children’s. Lyman Orchards’ Sunflower Maze has raised over $148,000 for Connecticut's only health system dedicated exclusively to the care of children since the maze began operations in 2006.

“It is our utmost honor to help children and their parents in need of financial support for medical care,” states Lyman Orchards Executive Vice President John Lyman. “We look forward every year to opening our Sunflower Maze, knowing that we are providing lots of family-oriented fun while supporting a terrific cause.”   

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the Lyman Orchards family, whose support enables our team of pediatric experts to provide the highest quality care for families throughout our community,” says David Kinahan, President, Connecticut Children’s Foundation.

About Lyman Orchards:

Situated on 1,100 acres in Middlefield, Connecticut, Lyman Orchards is a year-round family destination. Established in 1741, Lyman Orchards offers a variety of recreational activities and venues for adults and children of all ages—including pick-your-own fruit orchards, a farm market, seasonal mazes, 36 holes of championship golf, a par-29 nine-hole course, one of the top golf training facilities in the state of Connecticut, 1741 Pub & Grill, meeting and event space, and seasonal festivals. For more information, call Lyman Orchards at 860-349-1793 or visit    

About Connecticut Children’s:

Connecticut Children’s is the only health system in Connecticut dedicated exclusively to the care of children and ranked one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and a Magnet®-designated hospital. Connecticut Children’s provides more than 30 pediatric specialties along with community-based programs to uniquely care for the physical, social, and emotional needs of children. Our team of pediatric experts and care coordinators bring access to breakthrough research, advanced treatments for both rare and common diseases, and innovative health and safety programs to every child. Connecticut Children’s is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to improve access to healthcare for all children through convenient locations, care alliances, and partnerships. For more information, visit