Arethusa Farm

Named for a small pink orchid that grew in the swamp on the land, Arethusa Farm originally started in 1868 as a dairy farm which delivered milk and dairy products locally. In 1999, the farm was purchased by George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis with the goal of saving open farmland. In 2001 George and Tony established their own dairy herd.  Arethusa Farm's award-winning cheeses are made using only the milk of Arethusa's cows. Arethusa Dairy has been recognized in the national and global cheese community multiple times. Most recently, their Mt. Tom won FIRST PLACE at the 2021 World Dairy Expo Championship in the Open Class Hard Cheese category. Arethusa has also been recognized as a Premiere Jersey Breeder at World Dairy Expo.

Mystic Cheese

Mystic Cheese originally started making cheese in a shipping container... but outgrew their small cheese pod quickly! Mystic Cheese is now at home in a state-of-the-art facility in Groton, just minutes from downtown Mystic Village. Their goal is to have the cleanest and most exceptional cheeses made with care, technique, and the science & art of milk metamorphosis using only single-herd milk from local farms.

Winterplace Farm & Creamery

Located in Pomfret, Winterplace Farm & Creamery is an award-winning local producer of high quality Jersey Cow cheeses, as well as premium Nubian Goats milk cheeses. Winterplace offers a more nutritious and better tasting alternative to current farmstead cheeses, offering the public a truly unique and exciting healthy alternative. John Miller is the mastermind and developer of the brand “Jersey Maid” World Gold medal cheese as well as "Goat Risings" Internationally acclaimed award winning cheeses. 

Cato Corner Farm

Cato Corner Farm makes all of their cheese by hand with raw milk from our 45 cows, mostly Jerseys, on a small Connecticut farm. They never use growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or animal-based feeds, and their cows graze freely so that they have happy lives with a rich diet of fresh pasture grasses, local hay, and a small amount of grain. All the rinds are natural and have natural surface molds that are integral to developing the full flavor of the cheese. Cato Corner Farm ages and cares for the cheese in an underground cave, ripening all varieties to their peak of flavor.

Fair Weather Growers 

The Collins family has been farming the rich soil of the Connecticut River Valley for 4 generations and over 100 years. Fair Weather Growers produce over 200 varieties of vegetables on over 400 acres of tillable farmland, located in Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Cromwell and Berlin. Today the farm is run by Billy Collins, with all the help of his staff and children. Inspired by the farm life and all the farm has to offer, fifth generation farmers, Andrew and Shaun Collins, are working their way into what their family had always loved.

Ronnybrook Farm & Dairy

Thirty years ago, brothers Ron and Rick Osofsky began bottling unhomogenized milk in glass on their dairy farm. Their Creamline™ milk was an immediate hit at Farmers Markets around NYC. Today the Osofsky brothers and their extended families are all part of the farm. Over the past 25 years, the name Ronnybrook has become synonymous with high quality super-premium dairy products, expanding its product line to include its highly acclaimed chocolate milk, Creamline™ yogurt, drinkable yogurt, European Style Butter (84%-86% butterfat), crème fraiche, sour cream, egg nog, buttermilk and ice cream. According to the New York Times, Ronnybrook’s products are the “Dom Perignon of Dairy!”

Soffer Farms

Soffer Farms, located in Branford, Connecticut, has been raising chickens and delivering the freshest eggs since 1986! Soffer Farms chickens are fed an all-natural, vegetable diet, free of chemicals and hormones. Nothing tastes better than a natural, locally grown egg from a local farm. They care about the quality of their eggs, which is why their chickens are treated respectfully and naturally. 

The Apple Barrel

Monday-Sunday: 9:00AM-6:00PM

Apple Barrel Deli
Open Daily: 9:00AM-4:00PM

32 Reeds Gap Rd
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6000

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Lyman Golf



700 Main Street
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6031

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1741 Pub & Grill

Mon-Fri: 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Sun: 11:00AM - 8:00PM

70 Lyman Road
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6033

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Pick your own


105 South Street
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6015

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