Pick Your Own Raspberries


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Pick Your Own Raspberry Field

Lyman Orchards Pick Your Own Raspberry Fields are officially CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.

Our Pick Your Own Raspberry farm is nestled on 200 acres of  Pick Your Own fruit orchards and fields overlooking the scenic Connecticut River Valley.  Our Pick Your Own Raspberry fields average 10,000 pounds, or 5 tons of harvested raspberries each year! It's no wonder why Lyman Orchards was voted Connecticut's Best Pick Your Own Farm!


Pick Your Own Raspberries 

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a day in Connecticut, a visit to Lyman Orchards PYO Raspberry field is the perfect destination for a wholesome, fun, family-friendly getaway! And because we grow so many varieties of fruits, it's worth the trip! The Raspberries season (late June-Late July) traditionally overlaps the end of Strawberry season (early June-Late June) and the beginning of the Blueberry (early July-mid August) and Peach season (mid July - Late September).

For the best PYO raspberries experience, be sure to check our daily updates, and read our pick your own tips

Summer Raspberries

Many orchards in Connecticut grow fall raspberries, but Lyman Orchards is one of the few that offer summer raspberries at a significant level.  This year, we're growing 6 varieties of raspberries for your eating enjoyment! The six varieties allow us to spread out the harvest window, ensuring an excellent supply of berries from late June through the end of July.

Raspberries are Nutrient-Rich

Raspberries have an impressive nutritional resume that makes them one of the healthiest choices in the fruit family. Below are some of the health benefits raspberries offer.

  • Bursting with Nutrients
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • High in Fiber
  • Low in Sugar

There are so many tasty ways to include these nutritious berries into your breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!

Spend a morning or afternoon raspberry picking at Connecticut’s Sweet Spot®, Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT.


Late June - Late July


When choosing raspberries, look for plump, evenly colored berries that have a soft, hazy gloss and are free of dents and bruises. Raspberries have tiny hairs called “styles.” These are a completely natural part of the fruit’s defense mechanism and don’t affect the taste or ripeness of the berries.


Raspberries are highly perishable and extremely fragile. However, a few simple, proper handling steps will ensure that your raspberries remain fresh and delicious. Under ideal conditions, raspberries should keep for one to two days in your refrigerator. For best results, we recommend that you keep your raspberries dry in storage and consume them as soon as possible after purchase. It’s also important to handle them gently when rinsing. Berries need to be rinsed just before use.


Fresh berries can be easily frozen until you’re ready to use them. To freeze raspberries, gently rinse in cool water then allow them to dry completely before placing in sealed containers.


1.Keep your fresh berries dry 2.Refrigerate your berries at all times in their original container between 32° and 34°F 3. Wash berries only when you’re ready to use them 4. Rinse them gently with cool water just before using 5. Allow berries to reach room temperature before serving to enhance their natural flavors

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Round up some plump ripe raspberries and blueberries for this fun yet simple patriotic dessert - just in time for the 4th of July! Ingredients: For the Cake: 2 1/4 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus more for the pan 3 c. sugar 6 extra large eggs, at room temperature 1 c. sour cream […]

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Raspberries & Cream Tower

Round up some plump ripe raspberries for this tantalizing yet simple summertime dessert! Juicy ripe raspberries and sweet cream paired with phyllo pastry - it doesn't get any simpler and tastier! Ingredients:  4 sheets filo (phyllo) dough (Athens brand)  2 tsp butter 1 tsp sugar 1 pint raspberries Cream Filling: 1 pkg (80z) cream cheese, […]

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2022 Corn Maze at Lyman Orchards

Navigate your way back to the 18th Century in the revolutionary 2022 Lyman Orchards Ben Franklin Corn Maze opening September 3rd. The 2022 Lyman Orchards Corn Maze transports you back to the electrifying moment Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm, making the connection between lightning and electricity.  2022 marks the 270th anniversary of […]

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Maze Days

Maze Days are here! We’ve packaged up some a-mazing weekday deals for Fall Fun at Lyman Orchards! Maze Days dedicates one day each week to Mommy & Me, Grandparents, Students, and Locals. We're all about fall fun here at Lyman Orchards! We invite you to get lost in our Ben Franklin Corn Maze, Pick Your […]

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