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Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch

Lyman Orchards Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patches are OPEN for the season. Our Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patches are nestled on 200 acres of  Pick Your Own fruit orchards and fields overlooking the scenic Connecticut River Valley.  We produce on average, 275,000 to 350,000 lbs. of pumpkins each year! It's no wonder why Lyman Orchards was voted Connecticut's Best Pick Your Own Farm!

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a fall favorite, but they aren't just for Halloween! They're great for carving, painting, and sprucing up your fall décor right up until and even past Thanksgiving!

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a day in Connecticut, a visit to Lyman Orchards PYO Pumpkin Patch is the perfect destination for a wholesome, fun, family-friendly getaway! And because we grow so many varieties of fruit, it's worth the trip! The Pumpkin season lasts for 6-7 weeks (mid September-late October) and traditionally overlaps the Apple Season (mid August-Mid November) and the Pear Season (mid August - late September).

For the best PYO pumpkins experience, be sure to check our Facebook Page for daily updates, and read our pick your own tips

Pick Your Own Pumpkin Pricing for 2023:

$7 for small size

$10 for medium size

$13 for large size

$16 for jumbo size

Pumpkin Varieties

Lyman Orchards has one main pumpkin patch for weekends and two additional patches for weekdays. We regularly replenish the PYO patches with pumpkins from other fields that are scattered throughout the Orchard.  In total we grow 35 acres of pumpkins! 

The pumpkin varieties we grow include sugar and carving pumpkins. The sugar pumpkins are smaller and are often used for baking. Kids like to paint sugar pumpkins too!  The carving pumpkins are typically used for fall displays and carving for Halloween.

In addition to orange colored pumpkins, we also grow white pumpkins (both sugar and carving).  We grow multiple varieties, giving our customers a wide array of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Pumpkins are loaded with nutrition, rich in beta-carotene and low in saturated fat. They are also a good source of potassium and dietary fiber. Roasting pumpkin seeds in your oven makes for a delicious snack!

Spend a morning or afternoon pumpkin picking at Connecticut’s Sweet Spot®, Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT

Please call our Pick Your Own hotline 860-349-6015 for updated “what’s picking” news.

We do not have wagons available for use when picking pumpkins. Customers are allowed to bring in their own wagons into the pumpkin field to help transport your pumpkins to your car. 


Late September - Late October


Wash fruit, peel, and cut in half. Remove seeds and strings and cut into slices or cubes. Steam or boil until tender. Mash. Cool and pack into rigid containers, leaving 1/2 to 1 inch headspace, and freeze. Prepared this way, pumpkin will last up to one year in the freezer. Thaw frozen pumpkin in the top of a double boiler, season and serve as a vegetable or thaw in the fridge and use to make a pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup. Fresh pumpkin contains a high percentage of water, and it may need to be cooked down to achieve the consistency of canned pumpkin pulp. Steamed or baked pumpkin can be heated to a simmer and stirred occasionally until some of the water is cooked away. It can also be wrapped in cheesecloth and set over a bowl for several hours to drain.

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