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Pick Your Own Peach and Nectarine Orchards

Lyman Orchards Pick Your Own Peach and Nectarine Orchards are officially CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.

Our Pick Your Own Peach and Nectarine trees are nestled on 200 acres of  Pick Your Own fruit orchards and fields overlooking the scenic Connecticut River Valley.  We've been growing peaches for over 130 years, going back to the early 1890's! It's no wonder why Lyman Orchards was voted Connecticut's Best Pick Your Own Farm!

Pick Your Own Peaches and Nectarines

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a day in Connecticut, a visit to Lyman Orchards PYO Peach and Nectarine Orchards is the perfect destination for a wholesome, fun, family-friendly getaway! And because we grow so many varieties of fruits, it's worth the trip! The Peach and Nectarine season lasts for 12 weeks (mid July-late September) and traditionally overlaps the Blueberry season (early July-mid August) and the Pear Season (mid August - late September).

For the best PYO peach and nectarine experience, be sure to check our daily updates, and read our pick your own tips

Peach Varieties

Lyman Orchards has 4,200 peach trees and 300 nectarine trees spread over 34 acres. We grow 27 varieties of peaches, including 3 flat varieties, and 8 varieties of nectarines.  

The peach varieties range from clingstone to freestone. The early varieties are classified as "clingstone", indicating that the sweet flesh of the peach clings to the pit or stone, early-mid season are "semi-cling", and by mid-August, all varieties are "freestone". Mid-August and later varieties are best for canning and preserving peaches.

Like our apples, our peaches are Eco-certified, grown using agricultural methods that preserve and protect our orchards’ ecology. 

Peach & Nectarine picking is a great family friendly activity!

Peaches and Nectarines are Nutrient-Rich

Peaches and nectarines have an impressive nutritional resume that make them a healthy choice in your daily diet. Below are some of the health benefits peaches offer.

  • Moderate Source of Antioxidants and Vitamin C
  • No Saturated-Fats
  • Low in Calories
  • One peach contains 2% or more daily value of vitamins E and K, niacin, folate, iron, choline, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and copper

There are so many tasty ways to include these nutritious fruits into your breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!

Spend a morning or afternoon peach and nectarine picking at Connecticut’s Sweet Spot®, Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT


Mid July-Late September


When buying or picking, look for a creamy or golden color. A ripe peach is fragrant, firm, but not hard. It will yield to a gentle squeeze.


Peaches will take on up to 1/3 of their size in the last few days of tree ripening, assuming a normal growing season with adequate moisture. If you like peaches soft, leave them out at room temperature for a day or two and they will soften to your preference. After purchasing peaches, refrigerate most of them and leave the number out that you wish to eat in the next day or two.


Store fully ripe peaches in the refrigerator. Peel peaches by immersing the fruit in boiling water for 30 seconds. Remove with slotted spoon, then plunge into cold water. Slip off skins with the help of a knife. To slice, cut peaches in half around the center, not the natural seam. Gently twist halves apart.


To freeze, peel and slice peaches, mixing 1 quart of fruit with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Pack in freezer bags or containers. To protect the color of sliced peaches in a salad or dessert, dip the slices in lemon juice.

Recipes & Blogs

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Celebrate National Donut Day at the Apple Barrel Farm Market! Every customer will receive a free donut on Friday, June 2nd, no purchase necessary. Limit one free donut per customer, while supplies last.

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Come to the Apple Barrel Farm Market every Saturday for Pancakes on the Patio! We will have tons of toppings to choose from, including delicious seasonal berries. Pancakes will be available outside on the patio every Saturday from 9am-11:30am, weather dependent. No reservations required, seating is first come first serve. Pancakes - $9.99, includes three […]

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