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Asian Pears

Pick Your Own Asian Pear Orchards

Lyman Orchards Pick Your Own Asian Pear Orchards are officially closed for the 2023 season. Our Pick Your Own Asian Pear trees are nestled on 200 acres of  Pick Your Own fruit orchards and fields overlooking the scenic Connecticut River Valley.  We have one of the largest pear orchards in Connecticut. It's no wonder why Lyman Orchards was voted Connecticut's Best Pick Your Own Farm!

Prized highly for its exotic apple-like appearance and pear-like taste, the Asian Pear  is a highly nutritious fruit that has delivered time-honored health benefits to people not just in Asia but also throughout the world. Also known as the apple pear, the Asian pear is customarily given as a pricey and precious gift throughout Asia. Because it is such a luxurious fruit, it is good enough to eat on its own immediately after picking. Asian Pear picking is a great family friendly activity!

Pick Your Own Asian Pears

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a day in Connecticut, a visit to Lyman Orchards PYO Asian Pear Orchards is the perfect destination for a wholesome, fun, family-friendly getaway! And because we grow so many varieties of fruits, it's worth the trip! The Pear season lasts for 6 weeks (mid August-late September) and traditionally overlaps the Peach season (mid July-Late September) and the Apple Season (mid August - mid November).

For the best PYO Asian pears experience, be sure to check our Facebook Page for daily updates, and read our pick your own tips

Pick Your Own Asian Pears Pricing for 2023:

$14 for a ½ peck bag

$25 for a peck bag

$45 for a ½ bushel bag

Asian Pear Varieties

Lyman Orchards has 1,400 Asian pear trees spread over 2.5 acres. We grow multiple varieties of Asian pears, including Shinseiki, Hosui, 20th Century, and Niitaka pears. Read more about our Asian Pear varieties here.

Pear picking is a great family friendly activity!

Asian Pears are Nutrient-Rich

Below are some of the health benefits pears provide.

  • Rich in fiber
  • Good Source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K
  • Excellent source of Antioxidants
  • Rich Source of minerals such as Copper and Potassium

There are so many tasty ways to include these nutritious fruits into your breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!

Spend a morning or afternoon Asian pear picking at Connecticut’s Sweet Spot®, Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT

While pear picking season is generally considered to be in the fall, each variety essentially has its own little “mini-season.”  So keep checking the Pick Your Own hotline 860-349-6015 for updated “what’s picking” news and don’t miss out on trying each variety – you may just discover some new favorites! 


Late August - Late September


Asian Pears, like apples and peaches, should be left to ripen on the tree for best flavor. Once picked, they will keep very well in cold storage. A good-quality Asian Pear is selected by smell rather than variations in firmness. Unlike other pears, Asian Pears are ripe even when they are extremely firm.


Place two or more Asian Pears in a small paper bag and roll the top of the bag down tightly. Place the bag in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or clear corner of your counter space. Allow the fruits to ripen in the bag for approximately three days. The flesh of the fruit, once ripened, feels slightly firm but gives way with pressure. The skin of the ripened Asian Pear should be deep yellowish-orange with brown flecks.


Asian Pears can be stored for up to one week at room temperature. Place them directly on your kitchen counter-top or store them in a bowl. You can store them for up to three months in your refrigerator or other similarly cold place. Place on the refrigerator shelf or in the fruit drawer in a way that will prevent crushing or bruising.


We don't recommend freezing fresh Asian Pears that have not been processed. The juice and fibers will separate in the thawing process, and the results are not at all desired. However, freezing a cooked or processed pear (such as pear sauce) to which sugar has been added will work. Pear pie fillings can also be pre-baked and frozen. Make sure the pears are in a tightly sealed container prior to freezing to help reduce freezer burn and the growth of microorganisms. Wash and peel pears. Cut in halves and remove cores. Slice, if desired. To prevent discoloration, keep pears in an ascorbic acid solution (a solution of 3 grams (3,000 milligrams) ascorbic acid to 1 gallon of cold water). Prepare a very light, light, or medium syrup or pack pears in apple juice, white grape juice, or water.


1. When selecting, look for a fairly strong and sweet aroma (they will not smell as strong if they are cold) 2. Avoid Asian Pears that are soft, wrinkled or have numerous scuff marks or are obviously bruised. 3. Asian Pears are the oldest known cultivated pear.

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