Square Dancing Demo & Lessons at the Corn Maze & Cider Donut Festival

September 2, 2023

Do-Si-Do! Round up your partner (and your best dancing boots) for our FREE Square Dancing Lessons at the Lyman Orchards Corn Maze and Cider Donut Festival!

Glastonbury Square Dance Club hosts a Square Dancing Demonstration and Lessons on Saturday, September 2nd, 1:00pm-3:00pm under the Apple Barrel Farm Market Tent!

Quadrille, Southern Mountain, Traditional, or Western - it's all in good time and fun for the whole family!

What is Square Dancing?

A square dance is a dance for four couples, or eight dancers in total, arranged in a square, with one couple on each side, facing the middle of the square.  The most classic style of square dancing, Quadrille, is a well-synchronized and choreographed set of movements linked to the music and its beats and led by the "caller". It includes bows and honors and various left to right movements.

Don't sit this one out, it's a fun and fancy footwork event for the whole family, and it's FREE!

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Event Location: Apple Barrel Farm Market Tent

Time of Event: 1pm-3pm

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