Creamy Pesto Chicken

February 5, 2024
Make this delicious dinner recipe to celebrate Valentine's Day! Pick up a tasty dessert at the Apple Barrel Farm Market to complete your meal. Our specialty Valentine's items include heart shaped chocolate, chocolate cherry tarts, Valentine's cakes, Valentine's cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and more!




- 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
- Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
- 2 tbsp basil pesto or homemade
- 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
- 2 cups cherry tomatoes

- 1 tbsp gluten-free flour
- 2 garlic cloves minced
- 1 tbsp basil pesto or homemade
- 1 cup almond milk
- Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Optional to garnish:
- Freshly shaved parmesan for garnish
- Fresh basil leaves


  1. Place chicken breast in a Ziploc bag. Add in 2 tablespoons basil pesto, salt, and pepper. Seal the bag and gently move the breasts through the bag to get them all nicely coated.
  2. Allow the chicken to marinate for at least 1 hour or overnight.
  3. Heat the oil in a large nonstick skillet. Add marinated chicken and cook for about 5 minutes per side, or until cooked through.
  4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl whisk all sauce ingredients until well combined.
  5. Pour this sauce over the chicken into the pan, and add in the cherry tomatoes.
  6. Simmer for 5-6 minutes over medium-low heat, until the sauce thickens and the tomatoes burst.
  7. Garnish with parmesan cheese and fresh basil if desired and enjoy!

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