The Benefits of Team-Building at Lyman Orchards

August 15, 2022

Unite your remote employees with an outdoor team-building activity at the Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze or Corn Maze.

Remote work arrangements are prevalent, progressive, and popular with employers and employees alike, but maintaining the morale and cohesiveness of a remote workforce can be challenging. The absence of in-person collaboration and communication can create a disconnect between team members, thwart creativity, and hide the hidden talents of unseen employees.

Team-Building Activities

Taking employees to a team-building activity, such as navigating a maze challenge, creates a stronger bond between employees, improves communication, and encourages collaboration. But the benefits go way beyond that! Here are six hidden benefits that will provide value to your remote team and organization overall.

Discover Hidden Talents

Let's face it, allowing employees to work from home allows limited opportunity to learn more about your employees. Team-building events outside the home office often uncovers hobbies and hidden talents that could be beneficial to your organization, as well as the the advancement of your employee's career.  Employees who use their strengths at work every day are 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their job.  Getting to know more about your employees during team-bonding sessions can help discover hidden talents and tap into strengths.

Mix & Mingle

Remote work arrangements limit the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow team members. Team-building activities provide insight into what role everyone plays and humanizes co-workers who are normally only on the other end of an email address or Zoom call. What a unique way to foster understanding between your employee team on a new level!

Boost Energy

A company's culture revolves around the energy among it's employees.  When your employee team returns from a fun day of team bonding, they will experience a renewed sense of energy and team spirit-giving your company culture a jolt at the same time!  Consider handing out a memento from your team building activity as a reminder of the event, such as a t-shirt, to keep the positive vibes alive.

Create Creativity

Working alone can stifle creativity, as remote employees can easily fall into a mundane work routine.  Sure, the work get's done, but a new perspective introduced through a team-bonding event could spark a new idea, or bring a new resolution to a company challenge.  Taking your team outside of their home office to overcome non-work challenges, such as finding your way out of a maze, can encourage creative thinking and problem-solving.

Identify Leaders

Team building activities also allow those outside of the management team to take on a leadership role by giving them the opportunity to guide their group to successful completion of a team-building exercise, such as successfully leading your team out of a maze. This type of activity helps identify which employees take on strategic roles and which are the most encouraging to fellow team members, both essential qualities of future leadership candidates!

Maze Team-Building Activity

Team-building activities are commonly known for the positive impact they have on company culture, but these lesser known benefits provide the tangible value of team-building activities.  Mazes offer a unique experience to challenge mixed groups of employees to successfully find their way out of a challenge.

As part of the experience, each group receives an official Maze Map to help guide them through the twists and turns along pathways and decision points. Travel groups are also issued a Maze Passport featuring ten trivia questions related to the theme of the maze. Answering each questions correctly will help in choosing the right direction at each of ten main crossroad stations within the maze. Additional passport trivia categories include music, movies, health, and sports, to name a few.  The average time needed to navigate the entire maze is 30-40 minutes. So round up your remote team and head out to Lyman Orchards for an a-mazing team challenge at the Sunflower Maze or Corn Maze.

Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze is open July 30-August 28, and the Corn Maze will be open September 3-November 6 with special pricing for group outings.  To arrange your group activity, please contact For information on group pricing, click here.

We look forward to hosting your next group adventure, and thank you for your patronage!  Lyman Orchards is a pick-your-own “agrittourism farm” in CT with hundreds of acres dedicated to picking your own farming, golfing, dining, entertainment, and retail.  So after you’ve completed your group outing, we invite you to dine at the 1741 Pub & Grill or grab a sandwich or an ice cream at the Apple Barrel Farm Market.  Also, remember Lyman Orchards Golf for your golf day and lessons.  There’s something fun for everyone happening at Lyman Orchards - be sure to check out our Events regularly so you don’t miss out!  

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