What's a Jostaberry Anyways?

June 29, 2022

Pick Your Own Jostaberries only at Lyman Orchards in CT

Jostaberry, "Yostaberry", "Yustaberry" - no matter how you pronounce it, this fruit is still foreign to most New Englanders.  In fact, Lyman Orchards is the only commercial grower of Jostaberries in the Northeast!

Jostaberries Explained

A bit tart, a bit sweet, and a tad tangy, Jostaberries are a cross between a black current and a gooseberry. When ripe, they turn a glossy deep purple (almost black) and taste similar to a gooseberry with a hint of black currant and grape.

The name “jostaberry” itself is a combination of the German word for blackcurrant, “Johannisbeere” and for gooseberry, “Stachelbeere”.  Rich in nutrition, Jostaberries are abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C, and are also know to have anti-fungal properties.  

The Jostaberry forms in large clusters, which make them ideal for juices, jams, jellies, and even wine making! They're also great for straight snacking, or baking in pies or fruit crumbles.  

 Jostaberry Facts

Here are some Jostaberry tidbits to ponder:

  • The correct pronunciation of Jostaberry is "Yosta-Berry"
  • The Jostaberry was first introduced to the public in 1977.
  • It can take up to 4-5 years for Jostaberry bushes to bear good quantities of fruit.
  • When picking, look for Jostaberries that are a dark purple, nearly black in color.

Pick 'em while you can - they're only available from early July to mid July, and Lyman Orchards is the only commercial grower of Jostaberries in the Northeast! Visit our Pick Your Own Jostaberries page for more information.

Why not make a day of it?  Head over to the Apple Barrel Farm Market for a signature sundae from the Lyman Orchards Creamery window.  Also check out our Events page to see what else is happening at Lyman Orchards.  

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